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What our clients say

A wide range of loyal clients trust PD Tax to deliver the best possible service and advice. By joining them, you will benefit from the peace of mind and reassurance provided by our team of dedicated tax experts.

Our clients regularly score us according to how likely they are to recommend PD Tax. We are proud of our excellent Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88, against an industry average of 43.

Read on to find out what some of our great clients have to say.

What is NPS?
NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and is a metric used universally around the world to rate different companies (from Starbucks, to Apple, to PD Tax!) based on the experience of their customers. The scores awarded range from -100 to +100 and are voted for by customers.

At PD Tax, we have an excellent NPS Score of 95 because we have fantastic clients, and we are committed to providing them with the best ongoing tax advice so that they can make informed and tax-efficient decisions for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

We believe it is really important for us to obtain feedback from our clients on an ongoing basis so that we can continue to improve the services we offer.

Mrs S – Australian & US Citizen

April 26, 2022

"I highly recommend PD Tax Consultants. They showed impressive knowledge and were extremely professional and courteous in handling the taxes I needed to pay HMRC after the sale of property owned in the United Kingdom. I am a resident and citizen of the United States and I am glad that PD Tax Consultants were recommended to me."

Mr S – UK & USA Citizen

April 26, 2022

"The service of PD Tax Consultants has been consistently excellent during all of our involvement with them. We needed to pay and correct our Capital Gains Tax to HMRC after our sale of 2 UK houses. We live in the USA and greatly appreciated the daily and very friendly phone and email contact with PD Tax who had direct contact with HMRC and dealt with everything on our behalf."

Russell Smith – RS Tax & Accountancy Services

March 17, 2022

"PD Tax provided very clear advice that helped us to plan. The overall experience was excellent and I would recommend PD Tax to other accountants."

Mr N

August 26, 2021

"We’re very pleased with the outcome, thanks to your in-depth analysis. Fantastic work!"

Mr C

February 25, 2021

"You work quickly, you know your stuff, you take and respond to feedback, and you go the extra mile. You turned incomprehensible tax gobbledygook to something I could understand and lifted a whole load of stress from my shoulders."

Mr W

January 11, 2021

"I recently engaged PD Tax Consultants to support me in the completion of my annual tax return and also to help calculate any tax due on my annual pension contributions. PD tax were knowledgeable, friendly and completed the work promptly and accurately. I would certainly engage them again and recommend their services."

Martin Podrouzek

December 14, 2020

"I can highly recommend PD Tax. They are very professional, their communication fast and easy to understand. I've engaged with PD Tax twice and on both occasions I've received great value for money. Big thanks to Hallie for helping me out."

Mx J

July 22, 2020

"10/10 - Very easy to work with. Broad knowledge. Friendly relaxed approach."

Michael D

June 29, 2020

"I’ve been really pleased with the level of service. In particular the communication has been excellent, you’ve come back to me within reasonable time frames, often quicker. Your responses to my questions (which I’m aware can often be a little over-detailed) have all been understandable and you clearly got to grips with what the situation is very quickly. Another nice touch as part of the team was when another member of the team replied to let me know you were not working on a particular day when I emailed so I wasn’t left wondering. A sign of a great team with consideration for the client.  "

Nathan Winch, Managing Partner at Winch & Co Associates Ltd

June 29, 2020

"Thanks for your great service. What I love is that I can get ad-hoc affordable advice, when I want it. Within 24 hours we had a Zoom call booked in and the advice was dynamic and relevant.  After the call I knew how to move forward with confidence."

Mr D

May 15, 2020

"I was struggling to find an answer on an "obscure" tax question, I found PD via the ICAEW tax faculty and had an answer the same day, fantastic."

Ms R

April 1, 2020

"The contact I have with you is polite, punctual and clear. I feel the advice is rigorous and professional."

Mr D

February 10, 2020

"Consultants are very responsive, and don't over complicate the tax return process. I'v used them for the last four years and have always been impressed with the service."

Mr C

February 10, 2020

"Very competent handling with minimum input from me. A really professional and responsive service, thank you!"

Mr L

January 27, 2020

"I found the whole experience with PD Tax very straightforward. Our situation was not straightforward having lived overseas for many years and having to do our first UK tax returns from a UK residents perspective. We wanted to get to an understood outcome and submission without having to make ourselves the tax experts."

Mr P

January 27, 2020

"Excellent service and very clear in the requests for information and presentation of tax returns"


January 9, 2020

"Superb prompt service with quality advice."

Ms A

July 12, 2019

"As a company everyone is very helpful and good at making things clear. Friendly, approachable and informative. Ran through various options and produced report in a timely manor."


July 12, 2019

"Clear and concise information provided to get me aligned with my UK tax liabilities and it has given me confidence I comply fully with my obligations within the UK tax system. Many thanks."

John Hughes

March 14, 2019

"I recently sought detailed personal tax advice from PD Tax Consulting across a range of IHT, Trust and general tax planning matters.  I was impressed by the professionalism, timeliness and the comprehensiveness of the team’s responses.  Having scoped out a lengthy list of specific questions at the outset, I was pleased with the precision and clarity of the written replies.  My follow up contact by phone / email helped cement my understanding of the advice provided, and I plan to use their services again in future.  Though initially daunted by the costs quoted for the work I wanted doing, I feel now that the money was well spent.  I genuinely felt the team were working hard to help resolve matters and were prepared to go the extra mile. I would have no hesitation in recommending the firm’s services."

Jack Bradford, Paralegal at Simpson Millar Solicitors

February 11, 2019

"The Private Client Team at PD Tax Consultants were an incredible help in preparing and finalising tax returns for our clients in the panic and run up to the submission deadline for the 2017-18 period. They were extremely efficient, worked around the clock to accommodate us and I would highly recommend."

Ms G

January 2, 2019

"The team at PD Tax consultants are knowledgeable about trust funds including international matters. There are many consultants to choose from but I found PD to be experienced in the areas I required. The service covered many aspects including researching contracts and statements thoroughly to give me the best out come. Ultimately this work resulted in the outcome I was looking for in terms of inheritance tax. The team are very professional, I will be using them again for other services including annual tax returns. They are always available to answer questions and usually respond within a day. I’m so grateful to Paul who provided an exceptional service at a reasonable price. All of the work carried out by them is thoroughly documented, they communicated with parties abroad efficiently and effectively on my behalf. It was a hassle free process, they reassured me at every stage and updated me regularly. I can’t recommend PD Tax Consultants enough."

Bob Smith

November 14, 2018

"We are  a small firm of Accountants, and whilst we are very good at the day to day issues that small firms encounter, every so often we have a tax issue that is beyond our experience. Generally, we know what we are trying to achieve and have a strategy to achieve it, however it has been extremely useful to get Paul’s input and guidance on how much of an eyebrow our strategy would raise. They are a very friendly, helpful and professional team at PD Tax, we will certainly use their services again and I have confidently recommended PD tax to others and will do in the future."

Solicitor looking to sell their business

October 18, 2018

"We approached PD Tax to prepare a valuation for the sale of our business following a previous abortive sale where the potential buyer decided against progressing, possibly in retrospect, due to the lack of a robust financial presentation of our business. Paul’s detailed and well presented report provided a sound basis to show the true value of the business and a new sale is now progressing which will hopefully result in a sale price close to the true value of the business. The analysis of our business which led to Paul’s report was an incredibly useful exercise and definitely worth his fee."

Mr C

August 6, 2018

"Over the past five years, I have instructed PD Tax Consultants Ltd for various tax-related matters. Their service is accessible and friendly. The advice they provide is always prompt, clear and concise. I have no hesitation in recommending this firm."

Teodora Dimitrova, Practice Manager at Chart Accountancy Ltd

May 10, 2018

"I can highly recommend them as very approachable and knowledgeable tax team. Paul has helped me and my clients with their expert tax advice over the past year and I will continue to be in touch with them for any tax issues that come my way in the new tax year. Thank you for all your help!"

Paul Kiddie, Accountant at Birdsall & Bennett LLP

May 4, 2018

"We have worked with PD Tax on a number of projects and have been consistently impressed with their professionalism and expertise, particularly with how quick and efficient they are in responding to queries or issues raised. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul and the team to anyone looking for advice in relation to a tax matter"

Mr F

April 18, 2018

"Fantastic! You guys do an amazing job."

Shannon McDonnell

April 9, 2018

"Thankyou so much for your work and efforts in relation to claiming a tax refund and appealing a penalty notice, and in particular the correspondence back and forth that you provided. It is really appreciated.    "

Duncan Lloyd ACA, Director at Cloud Accountant

March 14, 2018

"We have engaged PD Tax on a range of activities from basic compliance through to some substantial commercial work.  They have a sure touch dealing with this range of work which is of critical importance to us from a client service point of view.   I am happy to recommend Paul and the PD Tax team."

Ms E

October 19, 2017

"I would just like to say that you are very reliable and professional and you kept us informed at every stage with clear, easy to understand communication. We could not have reached this stage without your help and guidance. You simplified a very difficult and complex situation and, although you are not the cheapest, without your help it could have potentially cost us a lot more. Thank you for all your help and assistance."

Karl Lavery, Chartered Financial Planner at Manse Capital

September 28, 2017

"We engaged Paul and his team for their professional perspective on a complex shareholder issue we were trying to resolve which would have significant tax consequences in the future if we got it wrong. Their input was thorough and most useful in helping us make an informed decision and working out the best compromise to achieve the best overall outcome for the business and the shareholders."

Julian Davies, Managing Partner at Redfin Management

August 19, 2017

"PD Tax have assisted us with resolving a number of more complex tax issues we don’t normally encounter as an accountancy firm. They respond to our queries in a prompt and professional manner and we would be happy to recommend PD Tax to anyone requiring dependable, proactive advice in relation to any tax matter."

Rachel Roche, Private Client Solicitor at Roche Legal

July 19, 2017

"We have used PD Tax Consultants in a number of complex cases recently and have always found them to be technically sound, efficient and friendly. We are pleased to have them as part of our wider professional network and have no hesitation in recommending them to other firms."

Mr D

May 19, 2017

"I'm very impressed by your responsiveness and clarity of advice."

Nick Barraclough, Advisor at TPO The Private Office LLP

March 19, 2017

"Hi Paul, I just wanted to say how good I thought your Budget Seminar was last week. I know how much work goes into these things, and without anything really meaty [in the recent Budget], the presentations were interesting and informative. Brilliant, I thought."

Stephen Curran

February 28, 2017

"Thank you very much for the recent tax advice regarding my 2015/16 return and especially your advice regarding my Annual Allowance Pension Tax Charge. The service was extremely good and in particular it was quick, responsive and exactly what I needed. I would certainly use the service again and would highly recommend to others. Best wishes Stephen Curran"

Ms B

February 28, 2017

"Thanks to the attention to detail and thoughtful advice from the team at PD Tax Consultants, my fears of having to give up property I had inherited abroad due to double taxation were allayed. In a short time we managed to work through the various issues and what seemed initially overwhelming was achievable. I'm most grateful for their help."

Nigel Tapp, RICS Registered Valuer at Tapp Chartered Surveyors

November 28, 2016

"I am writing to you to thank you for the work that you have recently undertaken for me in relation to the tax affairs of one of the businesses which I run. You offered a high quality and professional service. I was specifically impressed by the clarity with which you reported to me in what was a relatively complicated matter. I will continue to use you for similar matters and will be recommending you to friends and colleagues."

Managing Director/Owner of a 20m Turnover Local Company

September 28, 2016

"As a successful business owner, Paul and the PD Tax team help me with tax planning, tax compliance and advice regarding the structure of my companies and estate. PD Tax have always provided me with sound advice, allowing me to be comfortable that I am paying the right amount of tax. Paul conveys the advice in a way that my business associates and I can understand and what I particularly like about him is the fact that he is pro-active in coming to me with his thoughts and thinking around a subject."

Peter Duffy, Partner at Ian Richards & Co

June 28, 2016

"At Ian Richards & Co we are proud of the overall service that we provide our clients. In the situation of a niche tax planning opportunity or complex tax issue we utilise the services of PD Tax Consultants to ensure that our clients get the relevant expertise at the right time. Paul  and the team are friendly and knowledgeable. I feel comfortable with them corresponding with our clients and the communication between our firms is good. I have known Paul for many years now, and their level of service and innovative input have remained constant throughout that period."

Simon Rounding, Partner at Elmhirst Parker LLP

May 28, 2016

"I have worked with PD Tax and Paul Davison on a mutual client for a number of years. Over that period I have found their services to be reliable and their advice to be practical and clear. They have saved the client several thousands of pounds and they continue to set the agenda for achieving the best after tax results for the individuals involved. The project has required them to be heavily involved in corresponding with HMRC and I feel that they have always stood up strongly for the client but dealt with HMRC’s Inspectors with respect and professionalism. I would recommend PD Tax to my clients and contacts."

John Hayton, Director at Hayton Accountancy Ltd

January 28, 2016

"Paul’s advice was excellent, on a difficult IHT situation going back a number of years. Her report set out clearly the tax position which we faced and showed us a way to move forward. Many thanks."

Adam Dutton, Director at Shepherd Partnership Ltd

December 28, 2015

"The Shepherd Partnership Ltd have utilised the specialist tax services of Paul Davison for a number of years. We have involved your services in cases where pro-active planning has been required or where tricky taxation principles have been involved. I am pleased to report that the quality of the tax advice presented to us has been excellent. Also the timeliness and clarity of PD Tax's service is exemplary. As accountants we deal with many businessmen on an ongoing basis and our aim is to maintain excellent client relationships. This involves providing solid but pro-active tax advice. PD Tax has helped us to achieve this goal, saving our clients thousands of pounds along the way. It is on this basis that we would recommend PD Tax to any other professional firm looking for specialist tax input."

Ms Y

September 28, 2015

"Paul was a tremendous asset to me in sorting out my tax affairs. His excellent advice helped me to make a complicated situation straightforward. I would recommend him to anyone."

Nick Cordan, Partner at Summers Morgan

July 28, 2015

"I was delighted with the service from PD Tax Consultants. I presented them with a tricky IHT situation and received a prompt, clear and detailed analysis of the possible HMRC interpretations. This response was both thoughtful and professional and just what was needed."

Mr X

July 28, 2015

"My father had lived abroad for much of his life but was living in England on his death, and he had significant assets in Spain, Germany and Switzerland which had not been disclosed to HMRC, some of which he had gifted to his children in the past. In summary, the estate was in a tangled mess. I approached Paul Davison in respect of regularising my late father’s estate, and the affairs of his children who also held assets in Germany. I had estimated that the tax due on the estate would be in the order of £200,000-300,000. Initial discussions with Paul were around the domicile of my father which reduced the level of tax due on the estate to less than £2,000. We also engaged Paul to assist with regularising my affairs, and those of my sisters. On Paul’s advice we made use of the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility, again the tax levels due were significantly lower than initially expected but importantly it allowed us to draw a line under the matter and removed any future uncertainty or risk. As a family, we found Paul Davison to be professional and extremely competent with a wide knowledge of the tax legislation. Their contacts at HMRC enabled them to establish the position on a ‘no-names’ basis and to enable us to resolve the outstanding tax issues in an efficient manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Joe Howard

June 28, 2015

"Dear Paul I find your service to be timely and responsive. You are happy to discuss the scope of your work in a practical manner, in order to reach a plan of action that we are both happy with. The technical aspects of your work are reassuring and I would have no hesitation recommending PD Tax to other business people."

Luan Waite

May 28, 2015

"Dear PD Tax, Thank you for your assistance recently in helping me to understand and navigate the tax pitfalls of our proposed property development project. The information and assistance you provided me with was always on time and presented in a way that I could understand. I was assured by the way you thought through the situation and offered solutions and clear analysis of the way forward in order to mitigate tax. I continue to recommend your services to many of my clients that I meet through my role in helping businesses with finance. Kind regards, Luan Waite Regional Sales Manager Aldermore Invoice Finance, Leeds"

Ms W

January 28, 2015

"Dear Paul, Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt and efficient service. You immediately understood the problem and put forward a robust solution with minimum fuss which was very reassuring."

Steve Kirby, Director of Kirby & Associates Wealth Management Limited

October 28, 2014

"I am writing to express my thanks for the advice you provided in relation to a business acquisition I am making via my limited company. You provided me with complete clarity in what I consider a complex tax matter by explaining the best approach for the acquisition from my perspective as buyer. You explained in plain English and in a very professional manner the key benefits to me and significant issues and pitfalls of following the vendors preferred approach. All in all, it is fair to say that your advice has saved me thousands of pounds in Corporation Tax which I would otherwise have paid. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to friends, clients and professional contacts in the years ahead."

Richard Forth, Managing Director at Forths Forensic Accountants

March 28, 2014

"We have worked with the personnel at PD for a number of years on an array of differing assignments and always found them to provide the highest quality advice in a professional but relaxed manner.  I would have no hesitation in recommending their services."

Mr C

January 28, 2014

"Thanks for dealing with my recent tax query. You gave me good advice and acted in a very professional manner exerting the right amount of chivvying for information while maintaining a good relationship with HMRC. I am very pleased with the outcome and will recommend your expertise and services to friends and colleagues in future."

Richard Cramer, Principal at Front Row Legal Solicitors in Leeds

November 28, 2013

"Having set up a new business I did not appreciate that there were the benefits of NIC employer holidays. Paul Davison mentioned this to me and I gave him the task of assisting me in collecting just short of £2000 of national insurance contributions. Paul was very helpful. He knew exactly how to approach the matter and within a few days HMRC had approved the application. Without Paul's assistance this would not have happened and I have no hesitation in recommending him take into account his high level of professionalism and dedication to the cause."

Sian Thompson, Partner & Head of Wills & Probate at Simpson Millar Solicitors in Leeds

November 28, 2013

"PD Tax Consultants provide my clients with a thorough and considered tax advice service often regarding complex situations. Their depth of knowledge provides me with advice I can fully trust and I am always comfortable referring new work to them."

Laura Foley, Associate Solicitor in the Private Client Team at Clarions Solicitors in Leeds

November 28, 2013

"I was very impressed by the service, professionalism and quality of advice provided by Paul when dealing with a complex tax matter. PD Tax Consultants are clearly experts in their field and their technical knowledge second to none."

Ms C

October 28, 2013

"Paul, I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the outcome of your communication with HMRC on my behalf. Where I would have struggled to say the right thing to the right departments, you knew exactly who to contact and how to approach them regarding this rather unusual partnership tax situation. It's a great relief to have it all resolved (in my favour!) and I won't hesitate to use PD Tax Consultants again."

Mr T

September 28, 2013

"The review that you initially provided of my situation allowed me to understand that it was probably going to be better to make a disclosure under the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) rather than suffer the UK-Swiss Tax Treaty one off levy. This certainly proved to be the case. Your thorough and robust approach to the calculations and their presentation allowed me to make my disclosure in a confident manner and I was very pleased that HMRC did not enquire into the disclosure. In general, I was delighted with the service and results delivered by the team and yourself."

Mr W

August 28, 2013

"That's great news! Thanks to you and your team for the excellent advice and professionalism handling my case."